Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tdy is me and Din's 1 year anniversary. Honestly, i didnt think we will make it to one year cos we totally rushed this relationship and we hadnt much time with each othr as being friends. Bt oh well. Din is my first boyfriend and im actually very ecstatic tht i rly made a right choice on allowing him to be my first cos i prolly gna do most of my 'first' things with me. I mean like he is jus so amazing like i knw i cnt say tht cos i cnt compare him with othr guys bt i rly dont hve to or need to rly. Cos he gives me mre thn wht i wnt or wht i cn give. He is also my bestfriend its kind of typical to say tht bt whtever cos he is, i dont rly hve any friends tht i cn rlyrly depend on anyway. Most of all, he rly made me a better person. Bt anyway, i jus hope we will stay th same and like hw we used to, i knw wr cnt pretend over wht had happened bt you knw i jus wish, i dont knw wht i wnt wish actually..

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