Friday, December 30, 2011

Whn I was younger, like any kid, I wld wnt to hve a man like my father, and I wld love to be tht woman like my mother. Nw tht I'm older, I dont believe th same thing anymre. I guess tht I hve innocent eyes, and my ears were filled with music, and I was told lies and it prolly meant to sme of you too.
Bt i will nt give up hope, i will nt lose faith and i will always believe in love until it betrays me and find th meaning love is overrated is true.
Tdy is my parents 23rd anniversary. So i thn wld like to hve a man like my father, be tht woman like my mother cos we all keep love strong bt only thru lies and being pretentious and we are all in denial.
I love my mother and father, fr bringing me up in this world and feed me too much bt I jus cnt grow normally, and teach me to believe in god, and sins and do wrong to none.

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